hmm…. its been awhile

I feel I need to reflect and do something to get my head working… hmm… but what? … Oh?  It’s National video game day! Well holy fuck… I’ve been a gamer all my life.  And at this point I can say I’ve survived all the console wars and have chosen sides… but… I’ve had fun. […]

3rd week

————————8/18/2016 *sigh*….  this entire week has been a trip… and not a semi good one.  First V officially decided to break away from M and yesterday we went and got her stuff and brought it back, she’s staying with us now…  but now the mood has changed.  Not necessarily bad in a way, she’s dealing […]

2nd week.

( that feeling you get when you’re terrified about sending someone something, because you’re afraid it’ll make it all worse, but you poured your everything into it.  So you send it, Your senses heighten, waiting for a scream or a hit of the wall… anything, and then you get an email.  “Certain person likes your […]